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Astellite is an acclaimed, Australian window manufacturer, based in Melbourne, Victoria. We offer custom made windows renowned for their high quality and elegant design, made of the best and most suitable window material in the world.
We provide installation and replacement services for both windows and doors solutions.

We take great pride in offering premium quality uPVC double glazed windows and doors at reasonable prices. We are constantly perfecting our products and implementing latest, most innovative solution to window design.

IDEAL 4000

IDEAL 4000

With outstanding design of 5 chambers as standard combination, construction depth of 70mm and impressive sound insulation up to 45 dB this window type has become everyone’s favourite

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We offer Multi -sliding and Smart Slide windows and doors. Created for the comfort and simplicity of the day-to-day use the smart-slide door received top scores for heat insulation, statics and sealing.

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Available in three different designs, it allows you to choose preferable level of insulation, empowering you to decide whether you want a basic, standard or premium version of insulation with excellent passive-house level thermal insulation values.

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We offer 24/7 emergency window glass replacement services, house window tinting, as well as triple glazed windows upon request.

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At Astellite we are passionate about the comfort of your living.



The Astellite team impressed us by their open, professional approach and high quality product. The price was competitive and the lead-time short. The whole process was so easy and straightforward we could hardly believe it. The installation was very professional and the people were lovely!


Mario, Piotr and Lukas are amazingly committed workers. Their craftsmanship and dedication clearly shows. Thank you boys for a job well done. We are very happy with our new windows. I’ll recommend you to anyone that is considering changing their windows.

Maria & Mark

Dealing with these guys was an absolute pleasure! Once we agreed on the terms and paid the deposit boys came back for the final measurements. About month later the job was done! Very well done! We are extremely happy with the results! They even repainted the architraves!

Why aluplast?

We chose aluplast because they are the leading provider for uPVC profiles both at national (Germany) and international levels. Aluplast is a member of many prestigious Australian associations, so by choosing us you know you are choosing the best.
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Quality of uPVC windows
We pride ourselves on the quality of our products. Aluplast windows are so durable they have a life cycle of 30 years or more! They are fire and wind resistant as well as UV stable. They provide excellent sound insulation and the materials are completely harmless for humans. They are resistant against termites, do never rot, rust or corrode. Aluplast windows come in variety of designs, shapes and colour variations and are easy to maintain.
Safety and environmental friendliness
Our products are safe and environmental friendly. They are durable, long –lasting and are 100% recyclable, with no loss on the quality. Aluplast windows have been tested in the harshest and most demanding regions of the world to assure highest performance rates and quality ratings in the industry.
Aluplast windows have been rated burglary protection Resistance Class RC2. It means that they have been designed to resist break-in attempts by for example such features as use of the safety glass instead of standard glazing.
Energy efficiency
Innovative design of uPVC windows cut energy losses to a minimum. uPVC windows smartly combine environmental protection with high comfort of living. As energy losses of the housing mainly arise around window and door area, these parts of the building are of crucial importance when it comes to saving energy and reducing the costs associated with heating and cooling the building.
The uPVC windows of Aluplast are so efficient in energy saving they have been awarded the top ranked European Passivhaus-Standard certification.
You can easily save money and increase the value of your home simply by choosing Aluplast windows.
Sound insulation
Noise can have an immense negative impact on our lives. Living especially in the city areas constant noise can cause not only sleep disturbances but also continuous stress, which has a damaging effect on our health. uPVC windows provide superb protection against unwanted noise, helping to create peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.