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Astellite is Melbourne’s number one provider of uPVC window systems and products. If you’re looking for premium quality custom windows, contact our friendly team today. With the help of our system supplier Aluplast, Astellite is able to provide all our clients with the most innovative window solutions Australia has to offer.

We can custom-make window and door systems that are tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Whether you are looking to enhance your residential home or upgrade your commercial property, Astellite can help.

Double Glazed & uPVC Window Installers

At Astellite, we offer a variety of uPVC window systems to suit different functional and aesthetic requirements.

With our wide range of products and features, we are able to serve all kinds of properties in the Melbourne area. We provide a variety of window designs, which can be customised to suit your design preferences and property requirements.

  • Tilt and turn

A tilt-and-turn window has a versatile mechanism that offers great ventilation and a good flow of natural air.

  • Tilt only

Since tilt only windows can only be opened from the top, they offer more security. They can also be used for ventilation purposes.

  • Awning

Awning windows are great for getting fresh air while also directing water away from your exterior. This will help you protect your home from moisture damage and mould.

  • Sliding

Sliding windows are perfect for smaller properties as they don’t require too much space to open. They also have multi-point locks, making your property more secure.

For insulation purposes, we also have double glazed windows as well triple glazed IGUs. These will help you maintain a comfortable temperature in your home during extreme weather conditions.

Reasons to Work with Astellite

  • Aluplast Technology

Based in Germany, Aluplast’s innovative window technology will be able to improve your property’s security, insulation, ventilation and aesthetic design.

The ever-popular IDEAL 4000 window features RC2 burglary resistance and up to 45db of sound insulation. It can also be laminated for a custom look.

  • Sustainable Products and Methods

Aluplast’s uPVC frames are much more durable than wood or aluminium. In fact, Aluplast’s uPVC window frames have an average lifecycle of 50 years. This effectively reduces the need to manufacture a new batch of products in a short period of time. In addition, uPVC can also be recycled multiple times to create various new products.

  • Based in Australia

If you are looking to buy insulated windows suited to the Melbourne climate, we can help.

At Astellite, all our Aluplast windows are handmade in Melbourne to ensure their suitability for Australian weather.

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If you are looking for uPVC window suppliers or double-glazed window installers, look no further. Astellite offers anything you need, from 7-star energy windows to double glazed window replacements and installations. Contact our friendly team today for a free measure and quote.

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