Double Glazed Windows and Doors


At Astellite, we supply the finest quality double glazed German windows and doors, manufactured to suit Australian conditions and surpass industry quality standards. For premium uPVC double glazed windows and doors, contact us today.


uPVC windows offer a range of benefits over alternatives like wood or aluminium. They are incredibly tough and durable, long-lasting, pest resistant and moisture and weather resistant.

As Melbourne’s leading uPVC window supplier, we supply Aluplast windows and doors. Aluplast is a leading German window brand and international uPVC window and door manufacturer. Aluplast is a member of many Australian industry associations including the Vinyl Council Australia, the Product Stewardship program, uPVC Windows Alliance, Australian Window Association and Window Energy Rating Scheme.

At Astellite, we are your trusted double glazed uPVC window suppliers and installers in Melbourne. We provide expert double and triple glazed window installation and replacement for homes and businesses across Melbourne.


There are plenty of reasons to make the switch to uPVC double glazed windows.

Long Lasting

We supply German-made Aluplast windows. The premium quality UPVC frames are incredibly durable and long lasting. With an expected lifespan of more than 30 years, they will stand the test of time with minimal maintenance requirements. They are fire and wind resistant and UV stabilised. They are entirely pest resistant and will not rot, rust or corrode.

Energy Efficient

Aluplast windows have been tested in the harshest and most demanding regions of the world to assure the highest performance rates and quality ratings in the industry. The priority is to save as much energy as possible to reduce costs of heating/cooling. Since heat is mainly lost/gained through the windows and doors, these parts of the building are of crucial importance when it comes to saving energy and reducing the costs associated with heating and cooling the building. Aluplast uPVC windows and doors have received the top-ranked European Passivhaus-Standard certification for energy efficiency.

With Aluplast windows and doors, you can expect to save a significant amount on your power bills in the long run. Here are the estimated savings for a home in Melbourne:

Savings: first year*: AU$1,383.25.
Savings after 20 years: AU$45,738.65,
*Assumption: window area of 50 m2,
AU$0.29/kWh, price increase: 5 % p. a.
* IDEAL 4000 (Uw = 1.1 W/m2K) compared to a single glazed aluminium window (Uw=5.2 W/m2K)
* Based on local specifications like room size and weather conditions, your savings may vary from the examples.


Aluplast windows have been rated burglary protection Resistance Class RC2. Featuring safety glass and multi-point locking systems, they are designed to provide the ultimate in window and door security while looking great.

The safety glass is made of at least two panes of glass that are bonded together with a transparent foil. It is known as laminated glass and is similar to the glass used in vehicle windscreens. If a burglar tries to smash the glass, the foil is designed to hold the glass together, making it significantly more difficult to break through the pane and access the property.


Noise can have a negative impact on our lives, especially for those living in cities. Constant noise can affect your sleep and contribute to stress, which has a damaging effect on our health. uPVC windows provide superb protection against unwanted noise, helping to create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere in your home.


uPVC windows are produced in an environmentally friendly way. They can be made out of recyclable materials and produced using sustainable processes.

At Astellite, we are constantly perfecting our products and implementing the latest, most innovative solutions for window design. Please contact us to learn more, discuss your options or schedule a quote.
Double Glazed Windows and Doors